Embed ZXing Barcode Scanner in an Android app

ZXing or ZebraCrossing is the creator of a bar-code scanner that is widely used. It is an open source project, primarily made for Android, that has ports to various languages. While importing the app itself is not very difficult, it has a caveat. A simple import needs the app to be installed in the user’s

“Let’s Encrypt” certificate on sites hosted in Virtualmin Part 2

This post continues from part 1. If you are here, you have already generated a SSL/TLS certificate from Let’s Encrypt. If you need to generate a new certificate, look the the previous post. As in the previous post, and for the purposes of the post : The generated certificate is copied to /home/domainuser/ssl_certs where, domainuser

“Let’s Encrypt” certificate on sites hosted in Virtualmin Part 1

Let’s Encrypt is a service that provides free X.509 certificats for TLS (Transport Layer Security) for websites for 90 days. One can renew it every 90 days I believe. This basically means, they provide ways to make communications between the website and users (who use the website) more secure. This is done by encrypting the

Connect Android to PHP and Read Data from PHP API

This is an android app that I have been doing my tests on. In this app, I connected my android app to a PHP data source, read data from the PHP source and displayed it on the main page as a List. In this case, a list of highest mountains is pulled from a PHP

Arduino in Linux Mint

To use Arduino in Linux Mint first, we will need to install java in Linux Mint. The procedure can be found in the link below: Install oracle jdk 7 on linux Then, we will have to download the Arduino IDE, which can be found at the arduino site (i.e. the link below) Arduino Download And

Set Dolphin as default file manager

I have been using either Kubuntu or Linux Mint KDE as my linux distro for the past few years. However, I recently installed Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon version rather than the KDE version as it was somewhat likeable than Gnome (even though Cinnamon is a fork of Gnome). I liked Cinnamon but I always like

Java : Create email body using velocity template

If you have to send a lot of mail from your java application, or send the same body email text everytime (for example forgot password, forgot username, etc.) you can use velocity template to make the email creation easy. Velocity template is just like an html file that is placed in a folder that can

HeartBeat Assignment

We were given the following assignment: Application: The App is instantiated with the Controller as an argument. When started, the App prints “App started” on the screen and registers itself at the Controller. Every 2 seconds, the App sends a heartbeat to the Controller and prints “Heartbeat” onto the screen including the current time. With

Install apache maven 3 on linux

To install apache maven 3 on linux. Firstly, we will have to download the required maven version. It can be found at: http://maven.apache.org/download.cgi Once downloaded, open terminal and go to the download folder. Once there, extract the tar using the following (Note: i have apache maven 3.0.5, so please replace apache-maven-3.0.5-bin with the version you have)

Install oracle jdk 7 on linux

Oracle JDK 7 or Sun JDK 7 (previously known) is not bundled together with linux as before. Nowadays the distro use open jdk rather than oracle jdk. However, there are still people who would rather use oracle jdk then open jdk. However, many do not know the process of installing oracle jdk or just don’t remember.