CS:Source or Quake III Arena

With the advent of Quake III Arena in our gaming, our players have inclined a bit to Quake rather than playing Counter Strike. Quake III Arena is a faster game that includes various game-play options like free for all, flag game, team death-match and a tournament mode. Is quake III arena gaining popularity over the Counter Strike source game just because of the speed? or is it something else?

In my view, speed is one of the factors that is aiding quake III arena to gain popularity among the former counter strike source loving players. There are, however, other factors as well that has governed us to incline towards quake III arena rather than counter strike source.

Some factors could be:

  1. It is faster than counter strike source.
  2. There are more modes of gaming in quake III arena, than counter strike source.
  3. The player that has been fragged need not wait for the round to end as there are no rounds present in quake III arena and the players are able to return to the game at once.
  4. The players do not have to worry about cash/money that they have and all the weapons are there for the pick up.
  5. There are more amount of weapons a player can carry rather than just to two allowed in counter strike source.
  6. Also, quake III arena can run in a low end machine, which cannot be said of counter strike source.

These, according to me, are just a few factors that are helping quake III arena gain popularity among our players, and this is just my view :D. Anyhow, quake III arena is the latest, old, game that has gained the thoughts of our players.

Keep fraggin……….

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