Firefox Tweak: Change font size on facebook

The day before I open, just the usual checking of messages, notifications, requests, etc. The fonts of the site was smaller than it usually was. Some people liked the decrease in the font size. However, for me it was small and did not like it that much. So while talking to Sushil Shilpakar, he suggested changing the css elements of the site using the “userContent.css” file.

The “userContent.css” file is a very useful file, as it allows us to change the way any site is display, be it the font, the font size, or the colors of the site. Well anything that can be changed using various CSS attributes in our own site. The file is present at:

In Windows Vista/7:


In Linux:


and In Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Mozilla\firefox\Profiles\[xyz].default\chrome

Initially, we get the file “userContent-example.css“, which is a sample file. Just copy and paste this file in the same directory and rename it to “userContent.css“. The filename is case sensitive. After changing/adding the content in “userContent.css” file, just save the file and restart firefox to see the change take effect.

Now, to increase or decrease the font size of the status/message on the facebook wall, we can just add the following to the file “userContent.css“:

@-moz-document domain( {
    .uiStreamMessage .messageBody {
       font-size: 12px !important;

To increase/decrease the font size of the name on your wall, you can use the following code:

@-moz-document domain( {
     .uiStreamMessage .actorName, .uiStreamMessage .passiveName {
         font-size: 13px !important;

Also, if you want to increase the width of your wall, you can use :

@-moz-document domain( {
     .hasLeftCol #contentCol {
          width: 87% !important;

In the above codes, I have used 12px, 13px and 87% as per my requirement and satisfaction. You can use any values (that satisfies you) in place of the values I have kept.

I hope you find it useful…

Reference for Directory Location:

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