Set Dolphin as default file manager

I have been using either Kubuntu or Linux Mint KDE as my linux distro for the past few years. However, I recently installed Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon version rather than the KDE version as it was somewhat likeable than Gnome (even though Cinnamon is a fork of Gnome). I liked Cinnamon but I always like the apps provided in KDE so I installed the KDE Konsole, Yakuake, Amarok, Dolphin in my Cinnamon Linux Mint. There were still a few problems I had, for example, Dolphin was not regarded as a default file manager so I did a bit of searching and found a few forums with various solutions. I will be sharing the best one I found. For this, firstly install exo-utils in the system. This can be done by opening the konsole or gnome-terminal and running the following command :

sudo apt-get install exo-utils

Then, we use the following command to run exo-utils,

exo-preferred-applications -c

Here, in the window that opens, click on Utilities and on the File Manager section, click on the drop down, select “Other” and enter the following:

dolphin "%s"

After that, click on the Close button thus setting the default file manager as Dolphin.


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